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Spring Cleaning Tips (Candace’s Corner)

Even though we are not technically into Spring yet here in Victoria, you might think we were in it with this warm weather and the odd flower already blooming. So today, I am going to give you a few ‘Spring Cleaning’ tips to help get your household organized. 😀

I’ve been ‘Spring Cleaning’ for what feels like forever now. I work 2 outside of the house jobs, so it can be tricky to find the time to really dig deep into the closets or drawers that need some attention. Although thankfully in the past few weeks, I’ve managed to find some time to get rid of some things and re-organize around my apartment. Whatever area I’m tackling, I always have 4 piles: throw out, keep, donate and recycle. Yesterday I went through a couple of drawers and I literally touched everything in the drawer and made a decision into which pile each article would go into. By the end of it I had a bag of garbage, a pile to donate and a much smaller pile of what I actually wanted to keep. One thing I found very helpful was to organize what I was keeping into various size shallow bins from the dollar store, this helps to keep things neatly organized and in place.

For my children’s clothing, I do the same as the drawers and closets. A lot of clothes get donated and some get thrown out because there is no life left in them. I set the outgrown shirts that we really like or have lots of memories in aside, because one day I am going to make a quilt out of them.

I like to tackle one area at a time, and focus on that until it’s 100% done before I move onto the next task. For cleaning supplies I rely mostly on my Norwex cloths to clean counters and mirrors. I also really love to use vinegar and water in a spray bottle for sinks and toilets. Learn how to make this cleaning solution

Where I like to donate is to the WIN Society. They help local Victoria Women in Need.

I wish you the best of luck with your spring cleaning and I really hope this helped a bit with how to tackle this yearly task.

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