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basic computer training

basic computer training online


beginner computer lessons for adults

basic computer training online

No matter the set-up we can help you get familiar with the operating system you need or want to work with. We help you understand the basics of your computer online or in the classroom! You will be able to walk away feeling confident in knowing how to work with your PC or Mac.

  • Effectively understand the basic operation of a PC, the Windows Operating System, and the ability to navigate the internet as well as the basics of internet searches.
  • Understanding the basic concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, and email; navigate the individual program’s interface and engage in an overview of the Ribbon and Tab commands in each program.
  • Create a Word documents and Excel spreadsheet; add/delete text; open, print, save, and close documents.
  • Apply/manipulate formatting; move, copy, and replace text.
  • Manage Word and Excel document layout options such as margins, line spacing, bullets/numbering, and alignment.
  • Enhance productivity using spell check/grammar and autocorrect.
  • Insert/delete columns/rows; reorder and rename spreadsheets.
  • Navigate Outlook’s multiple pane interface; overview of calendar and contacts.
  • Create folders, appointments; move, drag n drop email.
  • Create, send, read, reply, and forward an email; attach a document previously created in Word or Excel to an email.


Day 1Computer Fundamentals / Windows/File Management
Day 2Word Level 1 – Part 1
Day 3Word Level 1 – Part 2
Day 4Excel Level 1 – Part 1
Day 5Excel Level 1 – Part 2
Day 5 PMOutlook Level 1 – Basics (or Internet based Email –
  • Incorporate skills obtained in Level 1 (or equivalent); build on skills to enhance basic word documents and spreadsheets; expand on skills learned to effectively organize and manage email.
  • Work with templates to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Use styles, page/section breaks, tabs, and object/graphics to enhance document appearance.
  • Control, arrange and manipulate data with sort and filter; create custom lists or calculate data using functions; improve readability of data by creating visual effects using charts and tables.
  • Design presentations using text outlines to organize text; apply themes and transition for stunning appearance to capture audiences; set animation and understand slide masters, notes, and handouts.
  • Search emails and create rules to organize and increase proficiency; create rules, quick steps, and signatures; schedule recurring appointments and create tasks or notes for personal tracking.
  • Complete Skills Confirmation to reinforce the skills learned to meet objectives.


Day 1Word Level 2 – Part 1
Day 2Word Level 2 – Part 2
Day 3PowerPoint Level 1 – Part 1
Day 4Excel Level 2 – Part 1
Day 5Excel Level 2 – Part 2