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Supporting our Community

Adopt a Restaurant

Our Adopt a Restaurant Program


The COVID Pandemic has been extremely tough on many industries around the world. Here in Victoria, we are seeing hospitality, tourism, and restaurants among the hardest hit.

When we created the Vancouver Island Works Project years ago it was with the idea that we could use our skills to give back to the community by giving people the skills that they need to get good jobs, or secure a better job.

Now that we have grown into a full-service web development, webdesign and digital marketing house, we want to be able to give back to the restaurant industry through our Adopt a Restaurant program. 

The program is designed to provide struggling Victoria based restaurants with the web and digital services necessary to be able to increase their sales via takeout and walk in orders. Unlike other marketing companies in Victoria, we understand that small business is the cornerstone of our economy and to help support those small businesses we are offering our services at a greatly discounted cost.

We know that many restaurants are sinking $10,000.00 or more on outdoor patio spaces, not to mention all of the costs for city permits. We want to help take some of the burden off by helping to increase their visibility to increase sales

As the weather gets nicer more and more people will be walking around looking to try something
different for lunch or dinner. Why not let us help guide them to your counter? Victorians giving back to Victorians. 

If you are a restaurant that wants to talk with us about how we can help please call us at 250-508-5774
or email us at

We look forward to being a small part in keeping the restaurant industry healthy in Victoria