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Boot Camp

Introduction to Computer Boot Camp

About This Course

This Boot Camp is designed to provide attendees with a solid working knowledge of a laptop PC and the standard accessories typically used in an office setting. The course is designed to have both theory and hands-on exercises so that the attendees can practice what they learn. We have found that muscle memory becomes a powerful tool in learning how to use essential tools for today’s digital age.

Overview of the laptop parts, connections

– Overview of the Keyboard Focusing on short cut and function keys
– Connecting a laptop to WIFI and trouble shooting
– Connecting to a wireless device i.e.: a wireless printer
– Standard accessories such as mass storage devices and external monitor set up
– Basic care and cleaning of a laptop
– A brief explanation of tablets, and phones


What is an operating system and why does it frustrate me?

– Basic functions
– Introduction to files and folders
– Personalization of the desktop
– Updates
– Setting up passwords and visual identification
– Basic Troubleshooting techniques

– What is Microsoft Edge?
– What is Google Chrome?
– Basic search techniques
– Advanced search techniques
– # tags used in searches
– Downloading a photo and where it went when it was saved?
– Customizing Browsers
– Google and your Browser