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Self-Care for Professionals


Learn Self-Care for Professionals

About This Course

Learn how workplace stress can lead to burnout while gaining strategies to identify warning signs. This experiential workshop provides participants with tools to help reduce overall burnout and to take steps for prevention. As professionals working with the public, we must remember to show up for ourselves as intently as we show up for our clients. Become pro-active in your self-care to improve productivity and the quality of your life.

Course Description

Who should attend:        This workshop is designed for working professionals aspiring to build awareness and resilience to workplace stress and burnout.

Prerequisites:                   No prerequisite required.

Duration:                           6 Hours

Course Objectives:
This course will provide participants with the skills to:

  • Understand the role of stress in your life
  • Manage stress and prevent burnout
  • Develop and maintain personal approaches and commitments to self-care

Course Content:

  • The Impaired professional: Mistakes, warning signs, and symptoms of unhealthy stress and burnout
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy stress
  • Cognitive Distortions: Identifying distorted thinking, how to overcome burnout-saturated thinking
  • Recognizing types of healthy and unhealthy interactions and relationships with clients
  • Self-care after a critical incident
  • Approaches to self-care: Keeping yourself healthy at work and beyond

Benefits to the employer include:

  • Reduced employee stress leaves
  • Greater employee job satisfaction
  • Possible lower WorkSafe premiums
  • A more empowered, resilient, and productive workforce