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SharePoint Courses

Microsoft SharePoint Online Site Admins

Learn Microsoft SharePoint Online for Admins

Content management for your data with sharepoint

SharePoint users and administrators streamline, automate, and facilitate site management tasks.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share documents,
exchange ideas, and work together. This course will help experienced SharePoint users and
administrators streamline, automate, and facilitate site management tasks.

Learn creating and configuring site collections; configuring top-level sites; configuring site collection metadata; setting up archiving and compliance policies; using workflows; and configuring search options.

Creating and Configuring Site Collections

  • Create a Site Collection
  • SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • SharePoint Site Collection Owners vs. Site Collection Administrators
  • SharePoint Site Templates
  • Access and Navigate the SharePoint Administration Center
  • Set Quotas
  • What are Quotas?
  • Common Quota Considerations and Scenarios
  • Set and Change the Quota

Configure Audit Options

  • Audit Configuration
  • Auditing Options
  • Back Up a Site Collection
  • Backup Options
  • Configuring Top-Level Sites

Managing Features and Apps

  • Advanced Site Features
  • Add an RSS Feed to Your Site
  • What are RRS Feeds?
  • Add an RSS Viewer Web Part
  • Create and Configure Document Sets
  • What are Document Sets?
  • Enable Document Sets
  • Configure document Set Features
  • Create Document Sets
  • Use Document Sets
  • Configuring Site Collection Metadata

Create a New Content Type

  • What is Metadata?
  • What are Content Types
  • Create Custom Content Types
  • Add a Custom Content Type o a List or Library
  • Add Columns to Content Types
  • What are Site Columns
  • Add Columns to Content Types
  • Archiving and Compliance

Configure Site Policies

  • What are SharePoint Site Policies?
  • Guidelines for Site Policies
  • Configure Site Policies

Configure In-Place Records Management

  • Records and Records Management
  • Records Management in SharePoint
  • Enable In-Place Records Management
  • Site Collection Record Declaration Settings
  • Library Record Declaration Settings
  • The SharePoint Records Center

Configure Information Management Policies

  • Configure an Information Management Policy
  • Configure Retention Stages
  • Apply an Information Management Policy

Configure and Use the Content Organizer

  • What is the Content Organizer?
  • Configure the Content Organizer
  • Configure Content Organizer Rules
  • Use the Content Organizer
  • Creating Workflows

Understanding Workflows

  • What are SharePoint Workflows?
  • Components of a Workflow
  • Plan a Workflow
  • Enable Workflow Functionality
  • SharePoint 2016 Workflow Development Tools
  • Create and Run a Workflow
  • Create a Workflow
  • Run a Workflow
  • Implementing and Configuring Search

Configure Search Options

  • Enable or Disable Search for SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Configure Site Search Options
  • What is the SharePoint Search Center?
  • Create Search Alerts
  • Configure Search Alerts