The Vancouver Island Works Project provides services to both businesses, and individuals, in the community who are looking to: start a business, improve an existing business, or gain the skills to succeed.

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As a team we have been providing business consulting services for over 30 years. Our services range from mentoring small businesses, creating marketing plans, to full digital and marketing strategies. We work with businesses to understand their skills and specific needs. We then draw on our extensive experience, working to create and execute strategies to achieve success.  Unlike other consulting services you will always know exactly where to find us- right by your side.


The desire to want to build a business has never been greater on Vancouver Island.  So many islanders want to strive to achieve a better work/life balance here on the island. Running their own business is the perfect way to achieve that goal. We work with many entrepreneurs to help them enhance their skills, find the right business, and create digital strategies to make their dreams happen.  Being in business is always more rewarding when you get to work with a great team.  Let the Vancouver Island Works Project (VIW Project) be the team that helps your business succeed.

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Small Business Mentorship

Are you someone tired of working for others and want to be an entrepreneur? Live your dream by taking that step and investing in your own small business or purchase an existing one. Maybe you have questions about your business plan or what marketing avenues would work best for your business. Our small business consultants are some of the best in the field. As certified small business coaches with Futurpreneur, we work with business start-ups to plan a path for success and growth, leveraging technology and advanced technology to automate tasks.

Business Solutions

No matter what stage of business you are at, small businesses are always looking to grow and improve the bottom line. These days there is so much information to absorb. It is nice to have someone who has the ability to listen to clients and really understand their pain points. We have a unique team of partners who can find solutions to virtually any problem. We enjoy giving back to small business, as small business is the cornerstone of the community and we are all about supporting the community.

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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategies are one of the most important aspects existing in the business world today. Companies continue to make investments on how to apply new technologies to their existing practices, products, and processes. The creation of a digital strategy uses much the same processes as creating an IT strategy.  It involves a process of selecting and leveraging technologies to invest in, which will provide a solid Return on Investment.  People have questions and at the Vancouver Island Works Projects we provide the answers that improve bottom lines.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been about finding that connection with a target audience at the right time, and in the right place.  In the ever-advancing world of consumer electronics that means connecting with your target audience where they are already spending their time- online.

The reality of life today is that consumers spend nearly double the time online as they did 15 years ago.  Shopping in “brick and mortar” stores is quickly changing to an online experience, and businesses that want to stay competitive need to embrace that they need effective digital marketing campaigns to continue to generate new business.

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Content Marketing

Everyone knows that the internet is a powerful tool in helping to build brands and trust in businesses.  Content Marketing strategies are based on creating and sharing valuable information to generate potential customers. From there we can convert them into prospects, and ultimately into regular repeat buyers.   The strategy is all about educating people about what your brand does and humanizes your company so that customers can like your brand and build trust.  This trust building is a critical process in the digital world that we all live in as millennials become influencers of buying decisions, and decision makers.  They get to use platforms that they identify with to understand what makes your company different from your competitors, and be able to engage with your brand.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Just because a website gets built it does not mean that customers will find it.  SEO is as much an art form as it is a science. In a world of increasing internet presence, establishing a high search engine ranking becomes more and more a fact of life.  The proven value of ending up on the first page of Google is undeniable. When potential customers are looking for your business, if you are not one of the 10 search results on the first page, they most likely won’t be doing business with you.  Let the Vancouver Island Works Project and our community partners help you gain the ranking that your business deserves.

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Social Media

Social Media has integrated itself into almost every aspect of our lives. Platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram can be very powerful ways to interact with clients. We show our clients how to leverage these platforms for everything from increasing sales, to increasing corporate footprints, to recruiting new hires. Knowing where to begin, or how much time and money to invest can be completely overwhelming to say the least. Let us demystify the world of social media by demonstrating how to leverage the power of social media to drive your business even higher.

Technical Skills

With over 80 years of combined experience teaching and consulting on Microsoft Office software, there is truly not much that we can’t accomplish for our clients. We excel at providing on-demand training and consulting services for individuals looking to change careers or corporations who are looking to on-board new hires. We specialize on consulting jobs such as: editing/formatting large documents, helping users understand their spreadsheets in Excel, to creating Access databases. We provide our clients with Non-disclosure acts (NDAs) for government and crown corporations so that they can always be assured their data is handled with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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