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Microsoft Visio is a software platform developed by Microsoft for drawing a variety of diagrams. These diagrams include: flowcharts, organizational charts, to-scale building floor plans, data flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, business process modeling, 3D maps, and a variety of other diagrams.

Event planners use Visio to create to-scale floor plans of conference and exhibition halls to ensure booths will fit for trade shows or events. Visio ensures that people planning events can maximize their profits through proper use of floor space.

Many government and crown corporations use Visio to create and update organizational charts for their many ministries and large departments. These documents are crucial for keeping organizational hierarchies intact.

What We Offer

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We offer courses in Visio Level 1, Visio Level 2, and Custom Visio courses. Courses can be delivered in 3-hour blocks, and scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or early evenings. Yes, we also provide weekend training classes.

Who should attend:         This course is intended for new Microsoft Visio users.

Prerequisites:                    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

Duration:                             6 Hours

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Create, open, close, and save drawing files, and work with stencils and drawing pages.
  • Use the drawing features in Visio, including the drawing tools, master shapes, and formatting tools; and formatting drawing pages using themes, variants, and Quick Styles.
  • Use the text editing and formatting tools available in Visio.
  • Use shape connectors, and become familiar with methods of connecting shapes and glue types, as well as connecting organization chart shapes.
  • Add headers and footers to a drawing, create and apply background pages, and preview drawing files.
  • Use the Find Shape command to locate shapes on stencils, and use the Spelling dialog box to check for and correct spelling errors.

Course Content

Getting Started with Visio:

  • Understanding Visio Concepts
  • Getting Started
  • Identifying Window Components
  • Creating Drawings
  • Opening Visio Files and Graphics
  • Working with Stencils and Shapes
  • Working with Drawing Pages
  • Viewing Drawings

Creating Drawings:

  • Understanding Drawings
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Editing Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Arranging Shapes
  • Using Advanced Drawing Tools
  • Using Themes, Variants, and Quick Styles

Working with Text:

  • Understanding Text Basics
  • Working with Text and Shapes
  • Editing Text
  • Formatting Text

Connectors and Glue:

  • Using Connectors and Glue
  • Choosing a Connector Type
  • Choosing the Method of Connecting Shapes
  • Using Glue
  • Connecting Organization Chart Shapes

Previewing and Printing:

  • Setting Up Pages
  • Setting Up Headers and Footers
  • Defining Background Pages
  • Printing and Previewing

Visio Tools:

  • Searching for Shapes
  • Checking Spelling

Who should attend:         This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Visio.

Prerequisites                     Microsoft Visio – Level 1 or Equivalent.

Duration:                             6 Hours

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Create custom stencils and templates, and modify master shapes.
  • Create custom layers, manage existing layers, and assign shapes to drawing layers.
  • Create, assign, and edit background pages.
  • Manage options for shape behaviours, apply shape protection, and use hyperlinks.
  • Use the techniques involved in manipulating shapes with the shape operation commands.
  • Enter custom shape data and define custom fields using different methods.
  • Import and export Visio data to and from Excel, create PivotDiagrams, integrate Visio drawings into PowerPoint, and apply document protection.

Course Content

Stencils and Templates:

  • Working with Stencils
  • Managing Master Shapes
  • The Document Stencil
  • Working with Templates

Layers Overview:

  • Creating Layers
  • Assigning Shapes to Layers
  • Removing Layers
  • Renaming Layers

Background Pages Overview:

  • Creating Background Pages
  • Assigning Background Pages
  • Editing and Deleting Background Pages

Understanding Shape Behaviors:

  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Protecting Shapes

Shape Operations Overview:

  • Manipulating Shapes

Custom Fields Overview:

  • Viewing and Entering Custom Shape Data
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Using the Document Stencil to Define Custom Fields
  • Using Master Shapes to Define Custom Fields
  • Editing Custom Fields in the Shape Sheet

Supplementary Topics:

  • Generating Reports in Visio and Excel
  • Importing Data onto Shapes
  • Creating PivotDiagrams
  • Integrating Visio with PowerPoint
  • Document Protection