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One of the premises of Digital Transformation is to offer agility to companies and consumers,
making everyday life faster and free of significant complications. When talking about
companies that depend on scheduling customers to generate profit, a question remains: can
you imagine how many people wanted to schedule a service or appointment via cell phone
outside business hours and couldn’t?

Recently, Microsoft launched Microsoft Bookings, a solution that precisely addresses this need
for agility: the customer can easily schedule an appointment with just one click, according to
the availability of the service, without having to use the phone. Additionally, the no-show rate
is reduced as reminders are sent to customers. The service works 24/7; there will always be a
service so your customers can be assisted.

The inefficient scheduling process can be a source of disruption for customers, hurting your
business. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, 85% of customers are frustrated
when dealing with companies that are not easy to do business with, and more than half (51%)
have already switched to competitors due to poor service experience.

With Microsoft Bookings, this frustrating yet crucial task is easier for customers and you.
Bookings help you create a web booking page for customers to access whenever they want.
With a few clicks, they can check available times, select the preferred service and team, and
make an appointment. After that, customers and your team receive automatic email
confirmations and reminders, as well as notifications if the service changes dates or is

What We Offer

Audience profile

We offer course in Microsoft Bookings, and Custom Microsoft Bookings course. The course can be delivered in 3-hour blocks, and scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or early evenings. Yes, we also provide weekend training classes.

Who should attend: This course is intended for anyone who is looking to increase their digital
productivity and collaborate with Dynamics 365.

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 3 Hours
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
Access the application;

Create a calendar from scratch or based on one already created;
Define a name for the agenda;
Add other people and teams to have a shared calendar;
Confirm your available time;
Select access permissions to your agenda;
Define the duration of appointments;
Customize options and questions by choosing whether they are mandatory;
Add/Customize More Customer Information.

Course Content

  •  Please your customers

Calling a company and making an appointment can involve difficulties such as talking to the
answering machine or remembering to call during business hours. In one survey, 40% of
customers said they would prefer self-service to human contact in their future contact with
companies, and 70% of them expect company websites to have self-service options.

With Microsoft Bookings, you can offer that self-service. The client can make an appointment
online, choosing the time and service, even the preferred professionals. After finishing, they
receive a confirmation email with a calendar item they can add to their calendar. Depending
on your policy, cancellations and rescheduling can also be done online in the confirmation

Do some customers still prefer to call? No problem. You manually enter the booking into
Bookings, and customers receive confirmations and reminders via email the same way.

  • Save everyone time

Making appointments over the phone is not much fun for your team, either. With Bookings, you
can reduce your time on the phone, making appointments, going to voicemail and reminding
customers of appointments. You can be more relaxed about missed calls and the possibility of
not closing deals because of them.

Microsoft Bookings comes with a webpage for bookings that is customizable and easy to set
up, and can also be embedded on your website, added to your Facebook page or accessed
through a unique Microsoft 365 link.

With Bookings, you can record customer preferences, manage staff rosters and rosters, define
services and prices, stipulate opening hours, and even customize the planning of services and
employees. Customers have all the information they need when it is most convenient for them,
without wasting your valuable time and that of your staff.


  • Reduce cancellations

Missed and cancelled appointments without notice are a waste of time, cause frustration and
hurt your bottom line. And it gets even worse when your employee does not show up for work.
Reduce this problem with Microsoft Bookings; automatic confirmations and reminders.
With reminders, the team and the client receive upcoming appointments with crucial
information and a link to the appointment. Every new appointment is automatically added to
the employees; calendar and updated in case of change or cancellation.


  • Manage appointments from virtually anywhere

Full access to your calendar and schedule details wherever you are. Possibility of making appointments through the application to record customer requests while you are on the go.

Quick access to email, call or text customers when needed. With the possibility of making the client’s next appointment while you are providing a service in the office or at their house (or while you are in the beauty salon, in the mechanic shop, in the waiting room…), it is also possible to increase your sales due to the accessible repeat business.