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Digital Drawing & Painting

Adobe Fresco


Learn Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is an app for the iPad and some Windows touch enabled tablets that lets you draw and paint on the go.

 Harness the power of thousands of unique Photoshop brushes and some new super cool live media brushes that imitate real life watercolor and oil paints.

Course Description

Description:        The course provides knowledge about how to work with Adobe Fresco. Learn the basic techniques and tools involved with digital drawing and painting through hands-on projects.

Why Fresco?        It’s a simple and intuitive painting app and because of its access to so many pre existing Photoshop brushes makes it incredibly powerful too.

Who is this course for ?     

  • Artists and illustrators looking to learn new skills
  • People who want to learn to draw but don’t know where to start
  • Illustrators looking to learn everything about Fresco
  • Anyone who wants to learn new techniques and take their drawing to the next level.

Requirements:      An iPad or Windows computer that can run Adobe Fresco


Course Outline:

We believe it’s best to learn through examples. here is what we will be doing in this course:

  • We will be going over the tools
  • After going over the tools we will be using them to draw to reinforce how they work
  • The drawing sessions are simple and easy to follow, anyone can do them
  • One project goes over how we can use the vector brushes to make cartoons and comics.
  • Another project uses layers and the water color brushes to create unique illustrations
  • The third project uses the oil brushes to blend paint and then layer masks to do some hand lettering and effects over it.
  • The Final project takes all the skills we’ve used up to this point and put them all together in one final complex illustration.