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Adobe Dimension training vancouver

Learn Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension Courses

Curious about creating 3D composites? Adobe Dimension is a great place to start. This easy-to-
use application can help graphic designers of all skill levels achieve photorealistic 3D effects in
advertising projects, photography, abstract art, and much more. In this course, Theresa Jackson
goes over the very basics of what Adobe Dimension can do. She begins by helping you get
comfortable with the Dimension workspace, providing an overview of the interface and tool
panels. She then walks through how to create, edit, and render a product shot, as well as how to
leverage some of the cool features Dimension has to offer, such as Substance materials.

The exciting new Adobe Dimension empowers graphic designers to create high-quality
photorealistic imagery using 2D and 3D assets. Now, the Adobe Dimension course offers a
complete hands-on training to help you master it quickly and easily. This Adobe Dimension
Tutorial Training Class and Course is packed with lessons designed by Adobe training
experts. Each topic contains a project that builds on your growing knowledge of the
program. The Adobe Dimension course covers all you need to know about modeling,
applying and editing surface materials, lighting, rendering, and much more — even if you’ve
never worked with 3D tools before!

What We Offer

adobe Dimension training vancouver

  • Introducing Adobe Dimension
  • Exploring Design Mode
  • Changing Your View of The Scene: Working with The Camera
  • Exploring Render Mode
  • Finding 3D Models and Using CC Libraries
  • Working with Materials
  • Creating Materials with Adobe Capture
  • Selecting Objects and Surfaces
  • Applying Graphics to Models
  • Working with Backgrounds
  • Working with Lights
  • Pushing the Limits: Model- And Scene-Building Techniques
  • Post-Processing with Adobe Photoshop