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Microsoft OneNote Training Courses

Microsoft OneNote

About This Course

Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It collects user notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio comments.

All its benefits enable practicality to the day-to-day of its users. You can use an application
quickly without worrying about saving or needing to edit instantly because it allows you to doall these things more opportunistically.

Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the internet or over a network. In OneNote, users can enter text using a keyboard, create tables and insert images. However, unlike a word processor, users can write anywhere in a virtually unlimited document window by simply clicking on it.

This tool can integrate the work environment, in addition to a personal agenda. OneNote saves
information on pages organized into sessions within notebooks. The interface provides an
electronic version of a binder, where the user can take notes directly and gather material from
other applications.

What We Offer

Audience profile

We offer courses in OneNote Level 1, OneNote Level 2, and Custom OneNote courses. Courses can be delivered in 3-hour blocks, and scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or early evenings. Yes, we also provide weekend training classes. Who should attend: This course is intended for anyone who is looking to increase their digital productivity and collaborate with teams.

Who should attend: This course is intended for anyone who is looking to increase their digital productivity and collaborate with teams.

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6 Hours
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
Creating task lists;
Preparation of panels with sticky notes, such as an online version of post-its;
Possibility to write, draw and attach images;
Audio transcription;
Reminders for more important tasks;
Search functionality in all archived notes by keywords.

Course Content

Getting Started:
. The organization theme is directly linked with functionality. This tool enables users to
organize their notes effectively and personally to bring speed to their daily processes.

Editing folders: 
. Stickers will be an excellent guide for organizing your folders.
. Placing images, drawings, and writing in the same file facilitates organization,
eliminating the need for many files.
Multi Tasking: 
. The option to listen to your notes in audio format is critical when you can't be looking
at the screen but still need some information. OneNote also notifies so that it can
remind the user of important events marked in the calendar without them having to
keep checking the app.
.  In order to prevent the user from spending a lot of time looking for a note made, the
application has some features that speed up this search process and avoid wasting
time on something so trivial.

Who should attend: This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft

Prerequisites:  Microsoft OneNote – Level 1 or Equivalent.
Duration: 6 Hours
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the

Share the project with others. Customize the color of the sticky note; Highlight sentences in bold, italics, underline or dash the text; Draw and write by hand on notepad; Dictate texts for OneNote to transcribe them; Make checklists in a checklist format.

Course Content

Speak your ideas:
. Many dont know, but OneNote allows you to speak your ideas, and the platform itself transcribes them. This can be a way to take advantage of moments that were not productive before to organize. Understand in practice: while you drive or take a walk, you can speak your thoughts, which will be organized into task lists or running texts, as is ideal for you.

Study notes:

. With technology improving, abstracts and study notes are mostly no longer handwritten. However, what many don’t know is that OneNote can be an even better platform than Word for this. This functionality allows you to copy and paste excerpts from other places, highlight sentences, and even make edits to them. In addition, it is possible to enhance with associative images, drawings, and mind maps.

Develop mind maps:
. One of the main benefits of OneNote is the ability to handwrite and draw on notes. Therefore, the user can create mind maps or materialize ideas through free creativity.

Annotation history:
. The application allows searching by keywords. But in addition, it also allows the archiving of already completed tasks. So you don’t lose your annotation history, but also leave them out of sight at all times.

Organize by subject:
. Another feature that can be one of the most significant incentives for using OneDrive daily is known as labels. Through them, the user can categorize notes. As a result, even though projects or ideas are different, they can be associated with the same objective and, therefore, can be easily organized with this identification.

Security and privacy to your account:
.They often find themselves in doubt when using information-sharing applications. After all, with easy access, they can end up being used by the wrong people. Therefore, to provide users more protection, OneNote allows the creation of passwords. They can be used for the entire account or just for specific sections.


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