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Our Training Process

Learning in Victoria BC

Our Training Process

Or Approach to Training

Having been involved in the training industry for almost 20 years working for different organizations, we have a unique methodology when we approach conducting training with both individuals and organizations. We believe that a “one size fits all training style” does not provide a positive way to execute training programs. We prefer a customized training approach. We offer unique computer courses in Victoria BC.

We understand that every individual, and organization, has different needs, so it makes perfect sense that we should customize every training session so that every individual gets the maximum value possible.

Thanks to our years if industry experience, we can achieve this goal at a very reasonable price perperson and by using group training rates.

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We Listen

It may seem that listening to a client’s needs would be natural to someone conducting
training courses, but it is often the one thing that many training companies fail to do.

We know that sometimes people looking for training courses do not know what they
don’t know. With features and functionality of today’s software continually changing, it makes sense for
us to evaluate what our client’s already know. That way we can establish a baseline of knowledge and
build training curriculum from there.

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We Evaluate-

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We Collaborate with our Clients

We work with our clients to create our customized training classes. Sure you will find course outlines on our website and they are there as guidelines for what we call “out-
of-the-box” training courses. We use these outlines as a guide to develop our customized curriculum as
we know how hard it is to obtain training dollars, and we feel that all of our clients should get the
maximum return on the investment of their training dollars with us.

All our instructors teach from knowledge and experience, not simply turn pages in a
manual when they teach. We find that these skills give our instructors with the ability to not only
customize our training, but to also teach best practices.

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We Customize

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We Consider Every Client Family

Our philosophy when it comes to training is that not everyone
remembers everything the first time. Once people have trained with us we consider them family. That
means if someone has a question regarding the training that they took with us all they have to do is ask.
We’ll be more than happy to answer the question for them. If someone should present a question to us
that is going to require some time to work with, then we are upfront about our costs to find an answer.

We know that there are situations where members of a team all have specific needs, and on different software platforms. We will actually sit next to an individual and work with them at their desk to solve problems through training.

We’ve actually worked with corporations
who had us go office to office at 1 hour intervals to solve Microsoft 365 problems specific to each team member.

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We Provide Desk-side Support

Our training courses can be conducted in a manner of different ways to best fit both individual, and
corporate needs.

Our training options:

  •  Face-to-face as 1-1
  • Face-to-face as a small group
  • Large f=group facilitation (8 people+)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Online via Zoom or Teams
  • Pre-recorded
  • Online training options
  • Customized training
  • Out-of-the-box training
  • We create curriculum for corporations to onboard new employees
  • White label Training (Our team becomes your team and we brand ourselves as the organization
    that hired us).

Contact us today to see which of our flexible training options works for you, or your organizations.