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VPRSM – Microsoft Certificate training

VPRSM – Microsoft Certificate


Get VPRSM – Microsoft Certificate Training

VPRSM – Microsoft Certificate

VRPSM is a program that enables eligible CAF members who have
been notified of an impending Item 3(a) or 3(b) release, with the
approval of their Commanding Officer, to commence participation
in vocational rehabilitation training for up to six months prior
to the earlier date of either their start of retirement leave, or their
final date of release from the CAF.


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Regular Force members who have successfully completed the
requirements of Developmental Period 1 and Primary Reserve
Force members who have completed two years of consecutive
full-time service at the documented date of either their
injury/illness or Administrative Review – Medical Employment
Limitations (AR/MEL) decision that leads to the medical release or
injured in a Special Duty Area (SDA) or Special Duty Operation
(SDO) for which they are medically released are eligible to apply
for VRPSM.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program for Serving Members

Get current resume and job ready skills to help you succeed in your transition

Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Certificate (Military/ First Responder Skills Upgrading)
(Face-to-Face and Virtual Options Available)
This course contains a series of modules based on the most used Microsoft Office 365 software
programs. These programs are used in almost every business in the world to produce documents, track
expenses, collaborate, and keep in contact with staff.
These programs are constantly evolving and that requires individuals looking for a new career, or
attending post secondary education, with the skills to leverage the Microsoft Office 365 programs to

Modules included in the Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Certificate:

  • Document Creation and Editing Using Microsoft Word Levels 1 and 2 (12 hrs)
  • Spreadsheet Creation, Editing, and Formulas Using Microsoft Excel Levels 1 and 2 (12 hrs)
  •  Microsoft Outlook Level 1 (3 hrs)
  •  Creating and Editing PDF documents using Foxit Phantom and Adobe Acrobat (12 hrs)
  •  Build stunning Presentations Using Microsoft Power Point (6 hrs)
  • Introduction to Team Collaboration Using Microsoft Teams (6hrs)
  •  Online Notetaking and Digital Binder Creation using Microsoft OneNote (6hrs)
  •  Introduction to Collaboration using Microsoft SharePoint (6 hrs)

Total: $3,250.00 plus tax
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