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First Nations

First Nations Computer Literacy Program

Our Computer Literacy Program


The fact of the matter is that this generation of First Nation’s youth are looking to be entrepreneurial and create their own sustainable small businesses within mainstream business. This is a fantastic initiative, but it all starts with basic computer literacy.

We live in a digital age now where almost all of our transactions and purchases are conducted online. That means that any person looking to run a business these days needs to have a high degree of computer literacy so that they can create invoices, business proposals, and track expenses.

As a company the Vancouver Island Works Project has worked with many First Nation’s groups providing both basic and advanced computer training so that students can succeed in business. We have trained people to be webmasters / designers for their organizations in northern BC and the

We have also worked with the Digital Devas program to provide basic computer skills so that students can continue to build on advanced computer skills and enter the workforce as administrative assistants.

Unlike other training providers we customize our training to provide our students with exercises that continue to build on themselves and have real world applications. In our mind there is nothing worse
than being taught skills and not applying them in a practical setting. That is why our training gets results with First Nation’s groups because students can put the skills that they learn to use immediately.

We offer group rates on all of our training to maximize grants and budgets so that groups can train as
many people as possible. Today’s world is a digital one, and we feel that by embracing First Nation’s
culture with today’s technology we can produce future facing individuals who will continue to support
the BC economy for future generations.

Contact us at to begin a conversation about how we can customize our training to
meet your needs