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Customized Training

customized training courses for your small business needs

At Vancouver Island Works Project we provide help with custom training courses that suits your small business needs. We provide one-on-one training sessions in a classroom that is customized to your business solution. With great flexibility to meet your time and schedule, we provide training that is current with the business industry to maximize your business success. We offer a variety of courses from development like WordPress training courses and software training like Adobe and Microsoft.


bookkeeping and accounting principles

Accounting and bookkeeping is an everyday need from the basics of understanding finances from just basic bookkeeping on bills and receipts. We teach you how to manage your finances for a business, to calculate where cost is needed and how to manage where the money is going. 

Fiances have become a requirement and must for any business. Learn more by visiting our accounting and bookkeeping course page if this is the right course for your business needs.

Our team has been using Microsoft Project since it was on 3 inch floppy disks. There is not much that we have not seen or done in Microsoft Project to increase efficiency and help clients stay within budget.

Whether your company is looking to implement a pull style of project management or you just want to stay ahead of the learning curve, our consultants at the VIW Project have the years of experience to help you improve your work flows. We also provide consulting on planning techniques specific to your project management needs. If you are looking for some custom small business Microsoft Training courses check out our courses below


Microsoft Training courses


Adobe Training Courses

Our solution to learning new Adobe programs empowers every developer from the creative to average business CMOs. Adobe software can solve some of the most complicated business problems and find the best opportunities to allow growth in almost any career.

Find out what’s the right software that will suit your everyday business needs by viewing our Adobe Training Courses page.

CompTIA is more than just knowing how to repair a PC when it has stopped working. It also requires everything in between from problem solving, networking diagnostic, operating systems, and security. To even branch out to different devices such as mobile devices. Technicians need to know how to repair and support different roles in IT.

CompTIA  is the starting point on deciding if IT is the career for you. Find out more by visiting our CompTIA course page.

CompTIA Consulting

comptia it training

help for small business owners

Vocational Rehabilitation

With so many Individuals changing careers due to injury or layoff, it is nice to be able to talk with people who understand what resources are available and what the labour market is like.

We have been providing vocational rehabilitation training for clients of WorkSafeBC, WorkLink, WorkBC, and SISIP since 2011. We can assist you in helping define your career goals and tell you where and how you can find the funding to achieve success in your next career.

With a little bit of help and training you can become a master at customizing, maintaining and building your very own website using your favorite tool WordPress with our wordpress training course. With some of the best teachers we have to offer with the advanced knowledge in web design and web development to help you get started on your DIY website. Find out if our wordpress training courses and or Digital Marketing training courses are right for you!Find out how to build a WordPress site with VIWProject.

Web-Design and Web Development

WordPress training courses & digital marketing

Check out some of our other courses we offer here at Vancouver Island Works Projects