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Sales Foundation Courses

Sales Foundations

Learn Sales Foundations

About Sales Foundation Course

Not understanding the markets that you are selling to, is one of the main reasons people struggle with getting results from their sales efforts.

The Sales Foundations course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts behind how sales works, and how to integrate proven strategies into their sales toolkit. The interesting thing about the world of sales is that salespeople are always learning and continually perfecting their craft. That is one of the things that make careers in sales so popular, and that no two days, or two customers, are ever the same.

Who should attend?         This course is intended for people who want to understand how sales work.

Prerequisites:                     Must be self-driven and enjoy working with people.

Duration:                             30 Hours

Course Objectives:
This course will provide students with the skills to:

  • Identifying a niche market.
  • Develop a framework for organizing, managing, and implementing your sales process and strategy.
  • Learn an easy-to-maintain and systematic approach to prospecting, targeting clients, managing your sales pipeline, gathering customer intelligence, initiating team selling, and retaining your most valuable and profitable clients.
  • How to leverage social media to help grow your sales funnel.


  • Classroom style
  • Interactive – Presentation and Question Period

This course is delivered in ten, 3-hour blocks and scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or early evenings. Yes, we also provide weekend training classes.

Who should attend?         This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Sales.

Prerequisites:                     The Foundation of Sales or equivalent.

Duration:                            Modular

Concept of the training: This is sales training developed by Manny Mandrusiak, based on traditional sales concepts, but adapted for people moving into the world of sales from another career. We realized that individuals moving into this world from another career often do not realize that they have already adopted many portions of the sales cycle without even knowing it.

The training is broken down into Boot Camp style sessions that are meant to provide individuals with instantly applicable skills. The training is interactive and hands-on using real world examples.

Course Objectives:

The boot camp style, modular approach, allows you to choose a specific topic in the sales funnel. Perfect the perfect selling style for your target market and niche clients.

Course Content:

Sales 101 Boot Camp – 6hrs  (Mandatory if no previous sales experience):

Students will learn the basics of the traditional sales cycle and work through real world scenarios to learn how to read customers, pitch products, and learn to close. Students will learn to embrace the principal of making sales pitches their own, and walk away with the confidence to start selling immediately.

Pitch Perfect Boot Camp – 3hrs:

Learn the art of the sales pitch. Students will learn how to perfect their sales pitch. We know that everyone likes to buy, but not everyone likes to be sold to. Students will engage in exercises to build confidence in how to pitch products without being a typical salesperson. Students will learn tips and tricks to perfect their pitch.

Selling to Customer 2.0 Boot Camp – 3hrs:

Customer 2.0 uses the internet to research products and services. Client “reviews” online make all the difference to them. This Boot Camp will focus on leveraging the power of social media to learn about customers buying patterns, and how a sales person leverages social media to build their brand and interact with Customer 2.0.

Use Social Media to build a client base and find customers Boot Camp – 6hrs:

To succeed in today’s marketplace, sales people need to know where their customers prefer to buy. This Boot Camp demonstrates the power of social media and how students can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build their customer base.

Inside Sales Boot Camp – 3hrs:

Students are taught the role of the inside sales rep and why it is so critical to have solid processes and procedures in place to be successful. Inside Sales Reps are not “cold callers” they are a unique part of the sales force that require a high level of dedication and motivation. Students will learn tips and tricks to be successful as an inside sales rep; as well as how to leverage social media to build a client list.

Outside Sales Boot Camp –  3hrs:

Students learn about the exciting world of outside sales and business development. Lessons focus on what it means to be the face of your business, and how to walk into a client’s business with confidence.