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vocational rehabilitation training

Vocational Rehabilitation Training


Get Vocational Rehabilitation Training

vocational rehabilitation training

A growing number of individuals are having to change careers on Vancouver Island for a variety or reasons.  It could be an injury, a layoff, cutbacks, or low business volume.  It does not matter why you had to leave your last job, what is important is getting the skills that you need to get the next one.

We have been dealing with client’s seeking vocational rehabilitation training and skills since 2012.  We have a track record of success in providing individuals with job ready skills mainly due to our customized educational approach.  We understand that not everyone learns everything out-of-the-box, and sometimes it is a matter of making people understand where the skills are relevant in their daily lives. We pride ourselves on being able to help people changing careers leverage technology to feel confident and empowered to get that next job.

We also pride ourselves on being able to provide the customized training that other institutions won’t. We talk to our clients to understand what skills they already have and exactly what they need to obtain that next job.

As a company, we are no stranger to working with funding agencies, First Nations groups, military members on an ILP, or SISIP.  Our staff is also trained to work with individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other medical issues.

When you work with the Vancouver Island Works Project you work with people who treat you like family. We are as invested in your success as you are, and we are happy to have you working with us “On the Project”.

What We Offer

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We offer courses in Employment Skills Level 1, Employment Skills Level 2, Foundations of Customer Service, SketchUp 3D Design, and Job Search BootCamp. 

Employment Skills – Level 1 (ES L1) 10 Days

Objective: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Effectively understand the basic operation of a PC, the Windows Operating System, and the ability to navigate the internet as well as the basics of internet searches.
  • Understanding the basic concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, and email; navigate the individual program’s interface and engage in an overview of the Ribbon and Tab commands in each program.
  • Create a Word documents and Excel spreadsheet; add/delete text; open, print, save, and close documents.
  • Apply/manipulate formatting; move, copy, and replace text.
  • Manage Word and Excel document layout options such as margins, line spacing, bullets/numbering, and alignment.
  • Enhance productivity using spell check/grammar and Autocorrect.
  • Insert/delete columns/rows; reorder and rename spreadsheets.
  • Navigate Outlook’s multiple pane interface; overview of calendar and contacts.
  • Create folders, appointments; move, drag n drop email.
  • Create, send, read, reply, and forward an email; attach a document previously created in Word or Excel to an email.
  • Complete Skills Confirmation to reinforce the skills learned to meet objectives.


Day 1Computer Fundamentals / WindowsDay 6Excel Level 1 – Part 1
Day 2Internet FundamentalsDay 7Excel Level 1 – Part 2
Day 3Word Level 1 – Part 1Day 8Skills Confirmation
Day 4Word Level 1 – Part 2Day 9Email (Internet based)
Day 5Skills ConfirmationDay 10Review and Wrap-up


**AM (9am-12pm) or PM (1pm-4pm) – Hands On Instructor Led Training

** Self-Paced Open Lab (Optional)

**PDF Workbooks and exercises used to reinforce and enhance skills learned

**Typing can be integrated if requested – 15 minutes at the start of class and 15 minutes prior to the end of class to improve keyboarding skills

Objective: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Incorporate skills obtained in Level 1 (or equivalent); build on skills to enhance basic word documents and spreadsheets; expand on skills learned to effectively organize and manage email.
  • Work with templates to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Use styles, page/section breaks, tabs, and object/graphics to enhance document appearance.
  • Control, arrange and manipulate data with sort and filter; create custom lists or calculate data using functions; improve readability of data by creating visual effects using charts and tables.
  • Design presentations using text outlines to organize text; apply themes and transition for stunning appearance to capture audiences; set animation and understand slide masters, notes, and handouts.
  • Search emails and create rules to organize and increase proficiency; create rules, quick steps, and signatures; schedule recurring appointments and create tasks or notes for personal tracking.
  • Complete Skills Confirmation to reinforce the skills learned to meet objectives.
Day 1Word Level 2 – Part 1Day 6Skills Confirmation
Day 2Word Level 2 – Part 2Day 7PowerPoint Level 1 – Part 1
Day 3Skills ConfirmationDay 8PowerPoint Level 1 – Part 2
Day 4Excel Level 2 – Part 1Day 9Skills Confirmation
Day 5Excel Level 2 – Part 2Day 10Outlook (Level 1 – Basics)

**AM (9am-12pm) or PM (1pm-4pm) – Hands On Instructor Led Training

** Self-Paced Open Lab (Optional)

**PDF Workbooks and exercises used to reinforce and enhance skills learned

**Typing can be integrated if requested – 15 minutes at the start of class and 15 minutes prior to the end of class to improve keyboarding skills

In a world of digital registrations and virtual shopping, customer service skills are highly valued by employers. They are essential for dealing with customers frustrated by online interfaces and dealing with selecting phone options. Good customer service skills continue to be among the top skills required in most workplaces.

The ViW Project Foundations of Customer Service is a comprehensive, practical introduction to the principles of providing exceptional customer service experience. This workshop is designed for people who are either entering the workforce for the first time, re-entering the workforce after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a front-line, customer-facing role.

The workshop will cover:
• The basics of customer service, communication, and teamwork skills.
• The relationships between service quality, customer experience, and business objectives.
• The value of front-line employees in service sector businesses.
• Communication etiquette and best practices.
• Recovery techniques and how to deal with difficult customers.
• How to measure the effects of a customer experience and service quality.

The Foundations of Customer Service course is delivered in two, 3 hour sessions. The lessons include fun, interactive activities and students will leave with fresh ideas and skills that they can apply to their job immediately.

Do you have the need to create 3D dimensional landscapes or floor plans? Do you need to modify an existing floor plan in order to obtain a permit? Maybe you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. If you fall into anyone of these categories, or just want to explore your creative side, SketchUp is the program for you.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program widely used in the design industry. It is used by architects, interior and landscape designers, furniture and cabinet makers, and game designers to name a few. They have started using SketchUp because of its user friendly tools and simplified learning curve.

The SketchUp Foundations course takes you through the navigation of the interface and the basic essentials of SketchUp’s extensive toolkit. You will start drawing and designing your ideas with this powerful 3D modeling software program. Manipulating, moving, scaling and rotating objects such as circles, polygon, rectangles and arcs are some of the techniques you will take away.

This course is offered as one-on-one training for those who are new to SketchUp. We also offer tutoring packages for those who are already enrolled in a post-secondary course such as Gaia College.

To find out more information on our training options, contact us.

Job Search Techniques:

In today’s job market, simply applying online to job postings is not enough. That is only one of a variety of techniques used to find employment.

Learn how to uncover information about the skills that are required, how to build and utilize your network, understand how the employers are seeking new hires and what they are looking for.

Resume/Cover letters:

Whether you have a resume that needs critiquing or you need to create one, understanding the purpose of a resume in today’s job search is critical. Learn about how to make yourself stand out as a unique individual through “Personal Branding”. Know how to choose the right information to add about who you are and what you want to do so it presents a strong message about you and your skill sets, and what you bring to the position you are applying for.

Leveraging Job Search through Social Media:

Find out how employers are leveraging social media to find new hires. You will create your own LinkedIn account and discover how having a web presence can help you find your next job.

The workshop will cover topics such as:
• The basics of searching for postings that are relevant to your skill set.
• Finding out who you are and what the heck you actually want to do.
• How to find out what skills you need to acquire your “Perfect” job.
• The importance of networking.
• Why do I need to be on Social Media (Linkedin)?

The Job Search Bootcamp course is delivered in three, 3 hour sessions. The lessons include interactive activities and students will leave with new ideas and skills that they can apply to their job searching activities.

Contact us for upcoming session dates and all your “Custom Training” needs