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Microsoft Office PowerPoint


Learn Microsoft Office PowerPoint

The key to a successful presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint debuted in May of 1990 and was originally designed to provide visuals for group presentations within business organizations. Over the years, PowerPoint has grown in popularity and become the standard communications solution for not only business, but education and beyond.

An individual who has the skills to implement “Best Practices” into presentations can often create extremely dynamic presentations that can make or break a sale.

The term “Death by PowerPoint” resonates with audiences of all ages who attend presentations that show slides with too much information on them. That clutter causes a lack of attention in the audience. People who understand how much information should be on each slide and how to effectively use animation tools, colors, and graphics to keep their audience engaged have more impact on their audience’s understanding of the subject matter behind the presentation.

What We Offer

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We offer courses in PowerPoint Level 1, PowerPoint Level 2, and Custom PowerPoint courses. Courses can be delivered in 3-hour blocks, and scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or early evenings. Yes, we also provide weekend training classes.

Who should attend:         This course is intended for new Microsoft PowerPoint users.

Prerequisites:                    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

Duration:                             6 Hours

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Identify PowerPoint screen elements and terms in preparation for making efficient use of the program.
  • Start a new presentation based on templates or themes, and use outlines to organize the text of a presentation.
  • Create a consistent look throughout your presentations by using and customizing themes and styles, and learn how to preview and print your presentations.
  • Enhance your presentations by using PowerPoint slide layouts and text formatting tools.
  • Use PowerPoint’s features for organizing and editing the information in your presentations.
  • Enhance presentations by adding and modifying WordArt, SmartArt, and clip art graphics.
  • Produce on-screen slide shows.

Course Content

Getting Started:

  • Understanding Presentation Concepts
  • Getting Started

Creating a New Presentation:

  • Creating a New Presentation
  • Organizing Text in Outlines

Working with Themes and Masters:

  • Understanding Themes and Quick Styles
  • Modifying Slide Masters
  • Previewing and Printing a Presentation

Designing a Presentation:

  • Applying Slide Layouts
  • Formatting Text

Making Modifications:

  • Formatting Bullets
  • Editing a Presentation

Enhancing Presentations with Objects:

  • Adding and Modifying WordArt
  • Adding and Formatting SmartArt
  • Adding and Managing Objects
  • Adding Graphics

Producing a Presentation:

  • Building a Slide Show
  • Running a Slide Show

Who should attend:         This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Prerequisites:                    Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1 or Equivalent.

Duration:                             6 Hours

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Customize slide layouts, create and use multiple themes, add graphics to backgrounds, and share custom themes between presentations.
  • Use copied, imported, linked, and embedded data from other presentations and programs to create presentations. Use charts and tables to present data graphically.
  • Use graphics and animation effects to enhance presentations, and increase the impact of text and graphics in a presentation.
  • Add notes and annotations to slides; and use PowerPoint features to rehearse, package, and prepare slide shows for presentation.

Course Content

Building Presentation Themes:

  • Designing Custom Slide Layouts
  • Using More Than One Theme in a Presentation
  • Customizing Slide Backgrounds
  • Sharing Themes Between Presentations
  • Adding and Managing Sections

Sharing Information:

  • Copying/Moving Slides and Objects Between Presentations
  • Creating Presentations Using Imported Text
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Linking and Embedding Between Microsoft Programs

Comparing and Merging Presentations:

  • Enhancing Presentations with Charts and Tables
  • Creating Charts
  • Editing Charts and Chart Data
  • Linking to Microsoft Excel Charts
  • Creating Organization Charts
  • Inserting Tables

Enhancing Presentations with Graphics and Animation Effects:

  • Working with Graphics
  • Arranging Objects
  • Using Graphics Effects
  • Using Animation Effects
  • Editing Video

Producing Advanced Slide Shows:

  • Creating Notes and Annotations
  • Using Hidden Slides and Rehearsing Slide Timings
  • Packaging Presentations for CD