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adobe premiere pro courses Victoria BC

Adobe Premiere Pro training


Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Course

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry leading timeline-based video and audio editing tool used by professionals worldwide. 


Course Description

Overview:        The course provides knowledge about how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro, the basic techniques of installation, project development from beginning to end, and the effective use of tools.

Duration:                           14 Hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Course Outline:


  •  Introduction to non-linear editing systems
  •  Adobe Cloud – what is it, and what does it content 
  •  Getting with the program
  •  Introduction to workspaces
  •  Adding material to the timeline
  •  Making basic editing

Importing and organizing material

  •  Setting up a new project
  •  Create a new sequence
  •  Importing files
  •  Introduction to RAW clips
  •  Sorting and organizing clips

Basic video editing

  •  Making the initial editing
  •  Editing with overwrite and insert
  •  Introduction to frame blending options
  •  Using video layers
  •  Using timeline tools
  •  Moving edit points
  •  Effective navigate the timeline

Art video editing

  •  Introduction to movie equipment
  •  When to cut
  •  Avoiding bad editing
  •  Matching shares and music editing

Helpful editing techniques

  •  The use of markers
  •  Replacement clips
  •  Create alternative cuts
  •  Changing the order of clips in the timeline
  •  Disconnecting audio from video
  •  Multicam editing

Set the properties of a clip

  •  Adjusting the position of the clip
  •  Moving the anchor point
  •  Adjust the size and rotation clip
  •  Changing the speed of a clip
  •  Advanced speed ramp techniques

Attributes videos

  •  Most common video formats
  •  Understanding the number of frames per second
  •  The high-quality standards
  •  Changing framing of high resolution materials
  •  Introduction to timelapse techniques in movies
  •  Slow motion – possibilities and technical barriers
  •  Stabilization of shaky video

Applying Transitions video

  •  Effective use of the pass
  •  Set the default transition time
  •  Transition effects and 3rd party plugins

Working with audio

  •  Crop video to audio
  •  Change the volume during
  •  Troubleshooting audio
  •  Refining audio

Basics of composition

  •  The introduction to the composition
  •  Removing the Background of green
  •  The composition of the blend modes
  •  Using alpha and matte channels

Color correction

  •  Lumetri Color Panel
  •  Adjusting the white balance
  •  Increasing the contrast
  •  Adjusting the brightness
  •  Creating cinema look
  •  Using LUT files
  •  Using 3rd party plugins

Create titles

  •  Title Tool
  •  Using graphics
  •  Advanced titles using After Effects

Exporting video

  •  Export video sequences
  •  Most popular formats
  •  Exporting options
  •  Exporting sequence fragments
  •  Queuing multiple export files using Media Encoder

Working with Adobe Cloud

  •  How to use Photoshop in video editing
  •  Refining audio – Adobe Audition
  •  Advanced export options – Media Encoder
  •  Introduction to templates and advanced graphics – After Effects