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Management – Foundations

Digital Marketing & WordPress


Learn Digital Marketing and WordPress Management

About This Course

With many online web development tools like Wix, it is possible for a small business to create their own website over a weekend.  The main problem with these cloud based tools is that they do limit creativity, SEO, and the ability to customize the templates without having some advanced knowledge.

Course Description

Who should attend:        This course is intended for small business owners who want to delegate the task of maintaining a website.

Prerequisites:                   No prerequisite required.

Duration:                           30 Hours (broken into 10 x 3 hour sessions)

Course Objectives:
The objective of the training is to provide individuals with the foundations of digital marketing and WordPress management with the intention of them being able to manage their own website and online business.

(WordPress training can be substituted for the cloud based platform of your choice).


Course Content:

Module 1: 3 hrs

  • Business Plan initial concepts
  • The Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Simple Marketing Plan

Module 2: 3 hrs

  • Elements of Digital Marketing
  • Paid versus Organic Marketing
  • Personas – Who is our customer?

Module 3: 3 hrs

  • The sales cycle
  • Providing customer service through the sales cycle
  • Perfecting the pitch for vendors and customers

Module 4: 3 hrs

  • Margins and Pricing
  • Consignment versus Margins
  • Using Social Media to gain customers and grow digital footprint

Module 5: 3 hrs

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • WordPress – Exploring the Dashboard Environment

Module 6: 3 hrs

  • WordPress – Building a simple site

Module 7: 3 hrs

  • WordPress – Install/Configure Plugins

Module 8: 3 hrs

  • Digital Marketing – Content Marketing with Blogs and Social Media

Module 9: 3 hrs

  • Google Analytics- Measuring ROI

Module 10: 3 hrs

  • Complete course – Review and Q & A