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Excel - Pivot tables Short-Shot

Price: $150.00

Days: 0.5

Course Dates:

October 14 , December 16 , February 17

Learn Excel - Pivot tables Short-Shot

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Excel – Pivot tables Short-Shot

Course EXPT: 0.5 Days; Instructor-led by Michael Ouchi (Master Office Instructor)

PivotTables allow you to analyze huge amounts of data very quickly and easily. This short shot will give you the skillsets to create a PivotTable, PivotChart, use a Slicer to allow for easier user interaction. You will also explore the potential of the DataModel to work with multiple datasources.

  • Singular datasource
    • create/edit a pivot table
    • use multiple fields
  • Create a Pivot Chart
  • Work with Slicer object
  • Multiple datasources (Excel 2013 or newer)
    • Intro to the Data Model
    • link multiple datasource
    • use DAX to create custom column or measure
    • create a KPI