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Self Care Ideas (Candace’s Corner)

The title says it all. Life can be overwhelming and it’s important to take very good care of the ones we love but most importantly to take amazing care of ourselves! It can be very easy to put our well being on the back burner however it is not healthy to do so. So today I am going to write about some of the things that really help me when I’m feeling particularly down or stressed.

I find it very helpful to get fresh air when I am sad or my anxiety is getting the better of me. Depending on if I’m able to go for a walk or not, I might simply go outside and take several deep breaths and listen for birds chirping as I soak in some fresh air. I also find that splashing cold water on my face four times really helps to calm me down. If I’m struggling with my anxiety or insomnia I really like to grab my 12 lb weighted blanket and either lay down with it on me or sit with it. The heavy weight helps to release the oxytocin in your body (the feel good hormone). Better yet, if you have someone close by to give you a minimum 20-30 second hug, it helps release the oxytocin which can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Two other items that I keep around my apartment are water diffusers and a Himalayan salt lamp. I really find lavender and grapefruit essential oils to be calming and relaxing. The lavender one is more for sleeping times (but is calming) and grapefruit is calming yet awakens your senses. My two favorite places to pick up essential oils from, are The Soap Exchange or Nezza Naturals. Nezza offers 10% off when you bring back your empty essential oil bottle to refill in store.

Other things that help me when I’m feeling down or not quite myself is to be around my friends and family. Normally in my past I would hide from the world but now I am changing that and when I am down I surround myself with the ones I love. My kids in particular really help to cheer me up. Friends and Family are amazing but I cannot forget my cat Zeus, he has been there for all my hard times. If you have an animal or are able to visit Beacon Hill Petting Zoo to see and pet all the cute little goats, that can be very therapeutic 🙂

And last but not least, one other thing that can really help me when I’m feeling off, is listening to music like the Cello or looking up calming meditation music on ‘Youtube’. I don’t know what it is about the cello or meditation music, but it has really helped me in the past couple of years when I’m feeling down. Anyways I hope you took something away from this post… Until next time…

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