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A Visit to Beacon Hill Park (Candace’s Corner)

Today I’m going to be writing about one of my favorite outdoor places around Victoria that I love to go and enjoy on a low budget with my kiddos 😀

Beacon Hill Park – this doesn’t cost a dime, *unless* you want to feed the ducks and try to tempt the squirrels in for a little “Hello.” I’ve been going to Beacon Hill since I was about 5 or 6! (Well over twenty years, LOL). I’ve been taking my own kids for the last 10 years! Before we get to Beacon Hill, we always make a stop at the “Birdcage Walk” (AKA: Terrible Truffles at the Birdcage, located at 501 Government St.) to pick up a few bags of bird feed (dried barley) $1.50 each and couple bags of peanuts $1.50 each. This is much better for the ducks since the bread crumbs can soak up the dirty pond water and harm the ducks, causing them to get very sick. The bags are a very decent size, I usually get one for each of us. The squirrels at Beacon Hill are very tame and are used to people. If you shake your bag of peanuts you will more than likely catch the attention of more than one or two squirrels that will come running up to you for some peanuts!

There are several ponds that the ducks like to swim in so you can enjoy a walk around Beacon Hill with your bag of barley and feed the cute ducks. In the spring time you’ll often see baby ducks, and in the summertime there are often different family friendly events that take place, like the “Movies at Beacon Hill,” and various musical performances. Beacon Hill also has a play park for little toddlers and bigger kids to enjoy. I know my kids have spent countless hours playing here :D. There are several picnic benches for an afternoon lunch or if you’d like to host any kid of gathering/celebration. I celebrated my 30th birthday there last year, and it was a perfect venue for it 😀 A couple of them are even under a shelter. (You have to arrive very early in order to get those ones though). There are public washrooms, a must when going out with the kids, hehehe. The best parking I find is either right in the midst of the park, beside the play park or right beside the petting zoo. They are both free of charge, Bonus!

I hope you enjoyed my take on a visit to my favorite childhood park. 😀

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