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Welcome to Candace’s Corner!

The Project is pleased to introduce everyone to a new addition to our blog page called Candace’s Corner! Candace is a single mother of two beautiful children and loves living in Victoria, BC.

She has been a friend of the Project for a long time now, and she has been working three jobs to make ends meet in today’s turbulent economy. We saw her trying to juggle the jobs, and her kiddos (as she calls them), and we made her the offer of letting us show her how she can leverage her love for Victoria to make money and spend more time with her kids.

We are going to help her achieve a better work/life balance by leveraging technology to enter the world of blogging, social media, and digital marketing. There are many companies on the Island that are looking to outsource projects to individuals with these skills, and even more throughout Canada.

We hope that you join Candace on her journey into the world of content marketing and that you see with just a little training, how you can achieve a better work/life balance.

Welcome to the Project Candace!

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