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Everything Victoria – Willows Beach (Candace’s Corner)

Willows Beach is one of my FAVOURITE beaches to spend an afternoon or early evening with my kids, on a hot summer day in Victoria BC. I love coming here because the beach stretches for a couple of kilometers, and the sand is incredible to bury your feet in and feel soft and warm! There is always enough room for everyone to spread out and have fun!

What I also love about Willows Beach is that there is a cute little refreshment tea & snack bar called “Oak Bay Tea Room.” Here you can enjoy some quick snacks like a hot dog, a freezie or fries.

Willows is also home to the Victoria Annual “Oak Bay Tea Party”. The Oak Bay Tea Party is usually the first weekend of June, and there are carnival games and thrilling rides to enjoy with the beautiful ocean as a backdrop! There is also a park for kids and a public bathroom change-room to make the visit more practical! (BIG Bonus if you have kids in tow)

My kids have spent countless hours hunting for white jelly fish, and I have spent countless hours suntanning on the soft sands. It’s also a great beach to find lots of beach glass, as well as driftwood creations including forts!

The waters are generally very calm so it’s safe for little ones. It also has lots of FREE Parking which is a HUGE bonus when living in a city like Victoria where parking is always at a premium.

If you decide to come to Willows, keep your eyes open and you may just see: a seal popping its head out of the water, a flock of Canadian geese soaring by, a blue heron, or an otter may running by with a tasty treasure for its lunch. If ALL that isn’t enough to sell you on visiting Willows beach, there is a specialty coffee / tea gem just a few blocks up from it called “Crumbsy’s.” That is another entry 😉

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