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Top 5 Places to Visit When in Victoria (Candace’s Corner)

Today I’m going to be touching on the top 5 places in Victoria that anyone from out of town wouldn’t want to miss when visiting the Capital of BC.

First off, I would highly recommend the Royal BC Museum. I went there today with my boyfriend who is from Ontario and he was in awe the entire time. From now until March 24th the RBC Museum has its “Photographer of the Year” exhibit on display. It showcases a variety of eye opening and thought provoking images captured from around the world. Some of the photographers are younger than 10 years old! However if you happen to miss this exhibit you won’t leave feeling disappointed having seen what else the museum has in store. It’s got an incredible amount of other displays ranging from Canadian First Nations, to old Town Victoria. The First Nations display has an interactive language section. It has displays from different Canadian tribes, their tools and how they lived throughout history all the way to a ceremonial house and breathtaking totem poles. This part of the museum is definitely one of my favorites. I won’t give away all the fun and interesting displays but all I will say is the RBC Museum is something you don’t want to miss! My boyfriend kept saying “WOW, this is so neat” throughout the whole time we were walking around. I was definitely happy I took him there. There is also the IMAX which always has amazing documentaries playing. They are only 45 minutes long which can be a bonus if you’re with kids who have endless energy to get up and go, go, go!

Second is Butchart Gardens. It is a magnificent garden that is world renowned and has been in bloom for over 100 years. It does take a few hours to walk around if you really want to take in all the beauty and capture some incredible pictures. I’ve visited the gardens in the winter and summer but I have yet to go in the spring and fall. Each time I go I’m always happy I went. There are no words to describe how beautiful this garden is. In the winter they have an outdoor ice rink which is so cool and lots of fun! In the summer they have a very unique and fun fireworks show on the weekends. This visit is a few dollars extra but I promise you it’s worth every penny.

Third on my list is Willows Beach. Willows Beach is my favorite beach in Victoria. It has a very long stretch of soft sand to sink your toes into and often driftwood creations that are fun to look at. Some of the creations are little driftwood houses, so much fun for kids to play in.

Fourth on my list is Gyro Beach. A close second in my books as far as beaches go in Victoria. The reason I’m writing about this beach as well, is because it’s an amazing beach for the whole family. It’s got picnic tables, a bathroom, and best of all large cement sea creatures that kids can play on! They recently redid the park. It is a ton of fun, my kids LOVE it. The beach is also a very, very nice beach. It’s got great sand and plenty of room for everyone.

Last but not least is the Breakwater walk. I know I’m talking a lot about beaches, but hey, Victoria has some very beautiful beaches to visit. The Breakwater is a very neat and fun walk to go on. It is a 2500 foot concrete walk out into the ocean. It has handrails so it is very safe for kids and dogs to enjoy. My kids and I have enjoyed this walk for years. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. There is also a very nice cafe called Ogden Point Café. It has delicious homemade food and a great cuppa tea/coffee.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the top 5 places to visit when in Victoria. Until next time….

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