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Love the Biz You’re In!

Love or logic? Which one do you use in your business? Most people in business would say logic of course. But there’s is a new trend on the rise. It’s getting in touch with that deeper part of you. Whether you are self-employed or a business owner it doesn’t matter, your business is actually a labor of love. Sure, you’ve used logic building it to this point but lately you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, scattered, and exhausted like you’re always running uphill but never getting ahead. Keeping up with the pace of the business world is incredibly demanding and you need every tool available in your arsenal. That’s why so many in the forefront of business are turning to the new tool of personal power. And I’ll call that love.

When you’re looking at aligning with your business, what that really means is you getting back in touch with what the core of what your business means to you. What’s your business doing right now? If you’re struggling, there’s a deeper reason than the economy, or customers, or bad luck, or… It’s because you’ve lost the love of the game. It’s turned into work instead of being a labor of love. Looking at the core reason you started in the first place it can bring around a huge shift in your awareness. And that’s what gets you and your business back on track and making money again.

Using the energy of love can help you be more successful in your business. Now that may sound fluffy, but there is a cycle of energy that flows between you and your business. If you’re ‘out of love’ or ‘out of alignment’ with whom you truly are, you’ll notice problems begin to show up. They’ll show up because your business is an extension of yourself. It is a piece of you that you present to the world. When you remember the reason you first started, it can reset you. You and your business can grow again.

Certainly, there must be some reason you would choose to work grueling hours and have little time for the rest of your life. When it’s your business there is no time off. There’s always something to do because the work is never actually finished. Your mind is always focused on what’s next. So, why did you start it? What part of you does it feed? Have you nurtured it from infancy to the sprawling mega structure that now exists? How come? Are your personal values and the values of your business the same?

Right now, take a step back and think about what you really want from your business. Basically, I’m asking you to remember your big WHY. When we look at our business with a fresh set of eyes (say, from eyes of someone who completely and totally loves what they do!), you are naturally led to making the right decisions. It becomes easy and fun once again. When you remember the reason why you created something amazing it generates energy that can get the ball rolling again. When you remember why you love it, the energy you put into it totally changes and you start getting what you want. Of course, you still use logic, but it’s the love that drives it. If you want your business to give back to you, get clear on what you’re really putting out there, because it boomerangs back.

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