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Looking for Work

Looking for work. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. And whether it’s because there’s been a change at home, in the field you were working in, you want a career change, or maybe even because of a work-related injury or major health issue, we’ve faced the fact that now life has changed. Spending countless hours trying to go it alone sometimes leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused, or even rejected. Job hunting in Victoria can be daunting, but not anymore.

I want to let you in on something. It’s called WorkLink, and it’s the best kept secret around. Their entire team is devoted to helping you succeed. That’s their job. And let me tell you, they’re great at it! Whatever you need, they’ve got your back. WorkLink offers everything from resume help and computer access to one day workshops and month-long programs like Framework.
Framework is the flagship of the adult programs. Lead by calm capable facilitators, participants are guided through the tricky parts: recognizing your unique skillset, rebuilding your self-esteem, accessing the hidden job market, and of course, how to nail resumes and cover letters.

Carefully chosen Workshops and training are an integral part of Framework, and include everything from networking to stress management. Vancouver Island Works Project trains you in the hard skills indispensable in today’s job market. Thorough, efficient, and best of all fun, these guys ensure you rock at knowing what you are capable of and what skills you can offer potential employers. That confidence gives you the winning edge in getting that great job.

Do yourself a huge favor; if you want something great, let great people help you! WorkLink works because the people there love what they do. Let them support you into getting back to doing what you love to do. You can do this. I know you can. Give yourself a running start and go talk to them then drop me a line. I’d love to hear what epic job offer you got when you heard those magic words- “You’re hired”. Check out the Framework Job Search Program on the WorkLink website.

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