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Cultus Lake Water & Adventure Park – (Candace’s Corner)

Today I am venturing over to the mainland and talking a bit about Cultus Lake Water & Adventure Park!

What more could you want for a summer vacation with the family? BC’s biggest water park plus an amusement park all rolled into 1! I have a family vacation booked here for myself and my kiddos in July (we are all so excited!)

The last time I was there was 20+ years ago so I am very excited and interested to check it out with my kids this summer. I didn’t realize that they have their own amusement park there (which I think is Totally Cool) They don’t charge a “gate fee” but there are a few options to choose from if you want to seek some thrills at the adventure park. They have tokens for $2.50 each (rides are 1 or 2 tokens each), or: an all-day pass for 48” and taller – $29; for people under 48” an all-day pass – $22; and an night time unlimited pass – $18 (this applies to the last 3 hours of operation that day). If you purchase a pass(es) to the water park, on the back there is a “Unlimited Rider” coupon for $15 (valid Mon-Fri). I’ve got my fingers crossed that my kids and I will be able to check this park out while we are there.

The reason my kids and I are headed to Cultus Lake is to check out their Water Park! I have such fond memories of the time that I went there as a kid, I am so excited that I get the chance to take my kids here :).

Cultus Lake Water Park is BC’s Biggest water park, boasting with over 25 rides and attractions. Luckily my kids grow like weeds and are well over 48 inches tall, plus they have been in swimming lessons for years, so they will really get to enjoy all the different slides and rides!

Admission prices are: $34 a day for riders over 48”; $24 for riders under 48”; and “twilight” riders are $20 (the last 3.5 hours of the day).

For more information on both parks please check out: Destination Cultus Water & Theme Parks I hope you get a chance to check this park(s) out and make some memories to last a lifetime!

Until Next time….

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