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A Fun New Craze

If you haven’t jumped on this new ‘bandwagon’ so to speak, now is the time! I’m not even much of an artist and I’m totally enthralled by the idea of it. I’ve painted some rocks of my own! What am I talking about?! Rock Painting / Hiding & Finding!

Here in Victoria, this fun little activity has just boomed in the last couple of months. People from all over Victoria have gone out and picked up some rocks and given them a makeover. 😀 Then they go out and hide them for others to find. Members are part of a Facebook group called ‘Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt’. The group recently surpassed 4000 members and is rapidly growing! There is some etiquette to abide by as a member of the group to be an active and respectful rock hider and seeker in Victoria, but nothing unreasonable. It’s very fun to see the different level of artists. What I love about it is it doesn’t matter if it’s been painted by someone like myself who has no artistic ability, or if it’s been touched by Picasso. Whomever seems to find it is brought so much joy. And you do get to keep the odd Rock. How fun! My kids and I just hit up our local Dollarama and bought some acrylic paints and sharpie pens, and then we headed to a friend’s house to decorate some rocks ourselves. I still have yet to go and get a “sealer” coat of some kind to seal our creations. This is apparently a very important step in decorating rocks so the paints don’t chip away into the ocean or onto the ground etc. For more info and helpful hints I’ve found the following to be very informative:


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