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Work, Life, Travel – How to Find the Balance – (Candace’s Corner)

Today I will be talking about how it is possible in this day and age to find a work/life balance that enables me to travel and make money, or how to save money while travelling!

Have you ever thought about travelling and seeing more of our awesome planet, but money while away is the problem? Life is expensive in general, but what if I told you that you could travel and still make money or how to cut down on expenses abroad? This is becoming more and more feasible in this day and age as millennials embrace concepts like Air B&B’s, and ride share programs like Uber.

Money Making and Saving Tips While Travelling

Serving: If you have interpersonal skills and an interest in making a few pocket dollars while seeing the world; approaching a little coffee shop or restaurant to offer a few days of serving may land you some sweet tips from fellow tourists. You could also offer to help do dishes if serving isn’t your cup of tea.
Another idea is to “trade” your ‘helping-hands’ with a place to stay on a farm. Offering to help around a property may or may not earn you cash rather it will save you a good chunk of change on accommodation expenses (which can be the most costly part of travelling,) and possibly homemade meals!

Tutoring: People have an interest in learning foreign languages. You could post an ad online before you depart, to offer “English lessons” in any country you visit. This could make you some quick money and a good way to meet new people!

Network Marketing/ Blogging: Online marketing is one of the fastest growing businesses out there today. Whether you are a representative for a company like; “It Works International” or just someone doing freelance gigs, it is very possible to make $$ from wherever you are in the world. (For some people this is their full time ‘job’ and they have the freedom to travel as much as their heart desires.

Online blogging (Content Marketing): A fantastic option for the ‘writer at heart” like myself. I recently joined the team at “Vancouver Island Works Project” as a Marketer/Blogger. I was presented with this opportunity when the business owner Manny, and Leaoni saw me hustling 3 part time jobs as well as being a full time ‘single mom’. They told me that if I wanted to join their team they would show me how I can work ‘smarter’ and NOT ‘harder”.

In just a short time this opportunity has enabled me to give up one of my part time jobs! I am learning so much and with the freedom of being able to work whenever and wherever I want, I am experiencing a better work/life balance.

This has allowed me to not be so exhausted all the time and has blessed me with more time with my family. You can write for yourself or you can write for companies out there who don’t have the time, interest or person to do their online content marketing.

House sitting/ pet sitting: Life is busy, and people need someone to check on their property and walk their dog, or feed their cat while away. If you were to find someone who needed this you could make a few dollars or save some money again on accommodation while traveling the world!

I hope these money saving ideas are helpful while you plan your next vacation!

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