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Work, Kids & Dating Balance (Candace’s Corner)

I’m a young mother of two kids who are school age and I’m a woman who wears many ‘hats’. Both my kids are in elementary school and I have them the school days. They go to their dad’s house on weekends. I juggle 3 jobs aside from my main job as ‘mom’. How do I do this ?? I’ll tell ya 😉

I started my own cleaning company, “Candace’s Cleaning Company”, and I schedule my clients on alternating weeks, during the school day. This works really well for me since I don’t have to worry about a baby sitter or rushing them to their dads after school. I LOVE being able to determine my own hours and my own hourly rate as raising two kids in Victoria BC, is very, very expensive!

My second job is working at “GP’s Donair and Pizza”. Up until recently, we were open from noon until 8 pm. Now it’s open from 4 pm – 8 pm. (We ARE Looking to hire if you enjoy working for a wicked awesome boss and enjoy a friendly atmosphere 😀 ) When we were open for lunch, I was able to work from 11:30 – 2:30 during school hours which was nice. Now that we’re open 4 – 8, I make a bit of a sacrifice and work Wednesdays and Fridays. This has been my favorite job ever since I started working (I started working when I was a young teenager). I LOVE this job because the atmosphere is relaxed and the customers who come in are very kind and friendly. A lot of regulars come in, so it’s nice to see a familiar face. I really enjoy the variety of tasks that the job offers, and I’m rarely stuck doing one thing the whole shift. The people that I work with are SUPER cool and very nice, and my boss is one of the Best Bosses I’ve ever had! I have been eating at GP’s much longer than I’ve been working there, and the food is delicious 😀

My third job is blogging!! I’ve recently joined the Team at “Vancouver Island Works Project”, and I’ve LOVED every second of it! It was never on my radar to be a content writer/blogger! This job has allowed me to leave my ‘bar job’ (which was really starting to wear me out, as much as I miss my co-workers and fun patrons). I LOVE how this new career path allows me to work whenever, wherever and doesn’t keep me tied to a certain ‘schedule’. I’ve recently started dating a very amazing man out in Ontario, and this blogging job has allowed me to travel and still work at the same time, while I go back and forth from BC to ON.

Overall I may be a VERY busy young lady with these three jobs, but they provide the means to be able to be a present mom and allows me real quality time with my kids. Let’s face it, they’re growing up in the blink of an eye 😉

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