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Vlogging by Lucy

‘LucyVMakeup’ began in December of 2015, it was a fun, carefree outlet for me to experiment with makeup and to post looks on Instagram while connecting with others. I fell in love with showcasing products, testing them out & trying to gain the attention from brands. Quickly, it turned into me teaching myself how to produce one minute tutorials that were eye catching and trendy.

My first interaction with video editing and vlogging was in 2011, making jumpcut stop motion ‘music videos’ with friends. Windows Live Movie Maker was the program of choice, from that I learned the basics of editing, uploading and effects. Later, I had found better editing software such as Final Cut Pro that works better for my videos and allows me to have an abundance of options. I am constantly improving and learning when I create my content and looking back and seeing the progress is what I find exciting.

This summer I had the opportunity to attend BeautyCon LA. The convention had 150+ brand experiences and guests such as Kim Kardashian who was speaking on the beauty industry, influencers, & being an entrepreneur. I had the chance to meet Mario Dedivanovic & contestants from the competition show “Glam Masters”.

Lucy Venedam at BeautyCon LA
@stephanietear & @jennifer.janelle from Kim Kardashian’s ‘Glam Masters’

Coming to the realization that what I am doing as a hobby could potentially lead to a career in social media, marketing, public relations, or branding is what drives me today and keeps me focused. I uncovered that my interest for makeup goes deeper than just the application and is more focused on the industry and science behind it. I am looking forward to this opportunity to work with Vancouver Island Works Project.

Milk Shake Hair Product Demo
Clarisonic Demo
BeautyCon LA | Lucyvmakeup

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