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The Vancouver Island Works Project announces the creation of Lime Tree Media Business Consulting Services in Victoria, BC

January 11, 2023 –The Vancouver Island Works Project is proud to announce the creation of a new marketing/consulting company designed to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed in an
increasingly digitally demanding world. Businesses that need to find a tactical edge to their marketing plans, or a spark to ignite their sales channels, can choose Lime Tree Media.

Lime Tree Media is not a traditional marketing company; it offers a specialized approach for lead generation, and business development. Unlike other marketing consultants, Lime Tree Media satisfies a
unique niche for small businesses looking to scale up and grow.

We use a unique approach to bridge the gap between the vision of entrepreneurs, and the complexities of bringing a product to market. This unique approach solves the problem of effectively communicating product benefits and features to a target market without being overly technical. Solutions that are marketed as “extremely technical” are perceived as being complex and extremely costly to implement. Lime Tree Media develops effective strategies to foster business growth for companies within their target markets by utilizing a unique combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

“Our approach is to understand our client’s goals and to provide them with a road map for success. We work with our clients to develop both traditional, digital, and social media marketing strategies that effectively market their products and services. We believe that there are many tools in the marketing toolbox that companies can utilize, but what sets us apart from other marketing companies is our ability to select the right tools for each client and assist in the execution of growth strategies. As a company we
strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and do not except failure as an option. Lime Tree Media has a proven ability to grow business in areas with different cultures as a result of our unique combination of
international stewardship and experience. We succeed where traditional marketing consultants fail because of our agility and high standards of client satisfaction.” said Manny Mandrusiak, Operational Control at Lime Tree Media.

About Lime Tree Media: Lime Tree Media is not a traditional consulting company. It is an idea management and execution engine. We take ideas and not only make them better, but we also make
them reality. Lime Tree media specializes in all areas of sales & marketing, lead generation, social media, event planning, motivational speaking, print and graphic design. We have a passion for bringing products to market and generating new leads for both small and large companies. If you need a spark to ignite your current marketing plan, then contact Lime Tree and let us find your plan to success.

Media Contact
Manny Mandrusiak
Operational Control
Lime Tree Media
Creative Solutions that Provide Results
Digital Marketing | Web Development | Small Business Solutions
3450 Uptown Boulevard, Suite 325A Victoria, BC V8Z 0B9
Phone: 250-216-6196

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