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Halloween in Victoria 2019!

children dressed for halloween running towards the camera, looking happy

My favourite “holiday” is HALLOWEEN!!!! It’s so low key and non-stress in my honest opinion, complete opposite of the following BIG Holiday 😉 Victoria is a wicked awesome place to be for Halloween. Here’s the scoop…

First let’s start with the “Sidney Street Crawl.” I have never been, but it’s a recurring thing so it’s gotta be a hit! The streets of downtown Sidney will be closed off and open to the little witches, ghosts and goblins that are aching to get out and seek out treats! This family friendly event happens on Halloween from 4:30-6:00!

The next one is one that I’ve been eyeballing for a month or two. It is the “Gordon Head Haunted Manor!” Now I will be totally honest I don’t know much about this event. All I know is that some folks who love Halloween transform the front of their house into a pirate’s ship. I’m assuming it’s like a “Haunted Ship” walk through type of thing because the facebook page says it takes 12 – 15 minutes to see. It is running from now through Halloween 7-9pm. More Details

Next up is the Haunted Happenings at Galey Farms! Now I will totally admit that although I may LOVE Hallloween, I am totally a chicken! I don’t actually LIKE being scared. My kids on the other hand do like getting scared! So this will be their 3rd year at the “adults” Haunted House at Galey Farms with their old man. I don’t know how they are so brave! Hehehe. Galey Farms also offers other “Halloween/Spooky” type events for the faint of heart and/or kids… I will add that I do take my kids every year along with my bestest lifetime long friend and her kids to the Corn Maze. That is a LOT of fun! More information on time, price and dates at Galey Farms.

Where is the BONFIRE going to be at??! Head to Esquimalt at the Archie Browning Centre, from 6-9pm. This is a FREE Event with hot dogs and hot chocolate for donation, with donations going to support Esquimalt Lions Community.

Where to trick or Treat??!! I LOVE hitting Up Hillside Mall after school with my kids. We have done this for years and it NEVER disappoints! Next, my kids and I Trick or Treat at a couple different places since their dad and I are no longer together and live in different neighborhoods. We love to hit up the Oaklands neighborhood and we also love to go to their complex on Carnation Place.

Happy Halloween…. Until Next Time. Candace.

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