Lee Humphrey - CPC Calgary Central Candidate (Inactive)

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Lee Humphrey – Candidate in the Calgary riding

The Canadian Scottish Regiment

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The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) is a distinguished infantry regiment that bears 42 battle honours, some close to a century old. The unit is proud of its heritage and of its four members who have received the Victoria Cross (VC), the highest military decoration for bravery and courage. The regimental headquarters at the Bay Street Armoury in Victoria BC is a National Historic Site. The Regiment is part of the 39 Canadian Brigade Group, the largest regiment in Western Canada.


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WorkLink Employment Society is a visible and dynamic member of the Westshore, Sooke and surrounding areas. They provide a supportive environment where members of the community can explore new choices and create positive solutions to their employment needs. They encourage the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve self-sufficiency.

The Lookout Newspaper

(Social Media, Community Management)

Lookout newspaper is CFB Esquimalt’s award-winning, community newspaper with a weekly distribution of 3,800 printed copies and a marketed digital version online. We serve the 6,000 Canadian Forces regular and reserve personnel serving with Canada’s Navy on the West Coast. This community extends to include veterans and the families of serving members, not to mention the more than 2,000 civilian employees who work in support roles on the base.


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The North East Native Advancing Society (NENAS) services was incorporated under the Society Act in 1990 as a coordinating group under the North East Aboriginal Management Board working in collaboration with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). As programming evolved, the Society adapted in 1996 to become a Regional Bilateral Agreement holder, and again in 1999 to emerge as an Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement (AHRDA) holder.

BC businesses - Donair and Pizza menu

GP’s Donair and Pizza

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GP’s Donair and Pizza is a cozy restaurant located in Victoria, BC and home of the city’s best donairs.  Priding themselves on using only the freshest ingredients, GP’s offers two types of donairs. On the West side of the Rockies, the donair has commonly been imagined as the gyros — a Greek style pita with tzatziki sauce. On the East side, people are more familiar with the Halifax style — meat with a sweet sauce. You won’t stop at just one.

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LitRX is a Vancouver BC company providing reliable, safe, and secure delivery services to Canadians from Coast to Coast. We’re here to end the stigma on cannabis and showcase the many positive and healthy benefits it has to offer all Canadians across the country.  We believe cannabis should be available to everyone whether you use for medicinal or recreational reasons.

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