Online Learning Tips

Online learning is not for everyone. For some of us, we really need to work at keeping focused. Here are some tips and tricks to make online learning just a little easier.

We’re now offering online training options. More info will be available on the site soon.

learning online

How to make online learning work for you:

  1. Stretch:   Give yourself time for a full body stretch before you sit down to begin your online learning session. The stretching stimulates blood flow which is critical to keep the brain active. It also loosens muscles so that you don’t end up with “scissor leg” during the lesson.
  2. Beverages:   Make sure that you have a full beverage of your choice next to you before you start the lesson. It is too easy to wander away during an online lesson to refill your cup and then come back only to be lost in the lesson.
  3. Camera:   Personally, I disengage my camera during online learning sessions unless it is absolutely necessary to have on. It is way too easy to start watching the other people in the lesson and get totally lost in the lesson.
  4. Distractions:   I can’t say enough about distractions. TV on low with the news, or your favorite show, on in the background. Multi tasking does not bode well with online learning. It is extremely hard to focus on two mediums at once. Make sure that the TV is off. You can always PVR your favorite shows for later.
  5. Animals:   Cats and dogs love to come and visit during online training sessions. If you can keep them in a separate place in the house, or outside, it will minimize the distractions that you have during your session.
  6. Questions:   It is natural to have questions during an online learning session. The instructor may mute the students while they are presenting, and open the floor at specific times for questions. Attendees will often tell themselves that they will remember the question for later and then when the floor is open their mind goes blank. I like to have a pad of paper next to me to write down questions and notes for later. It is way too easy to lose track of questions in online learning.
  7. Recordings:   Always ask your online presenter if the session is being recorded and how you can access the recordings. It is difficult enough to stay focused during multiple hour online learning sessions. Recordings provide attendees with the ability to go back through the lesson and relearn specific topics.