Online Computer Training Studies


  • Effectively understand the basic operation of a PC, the Windows Operating System, and the ability to navigate the internet as well as the basics of internet searches.
  • Understanding the basic concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, and email; navigate the individual program’s interface and engage in an overview of the Ribbon and Tab commands in each program.
  • Create a Word documents and Excel spreadsheet; add/delete text; open, print, save, and close documents.
  • Apply/manipulate formatting; move, copy, and replace text.
  • Manage Word and Excel document layout options such as margins, line spacing, bullets/numbering, and alignment.
  • Enhance productivity using spell check/grammar and autocorrect.
  • Insert/delete columns/rows; reorder and rename spreadsheets.
  • Navigate Outlook’s multiple pane interface; overview of calendar and contacts.
  • Create folders, appointments; move, drag n drop email.
  • Create, send, read, reply, and forward an email; attach a document previously created in Word or Excel to an email.

Day 1Computer Fundamentals / Windows/File Management
Day 2Word Level 1 – Part 1
Day 3Word Level 1 – Part 2
Day 4Excel Level 1 – Part 1
Day 5Excel Level 1 – Part 2
Day 5 PMOutlook Level 1 - Basics (or Internet based Email –


  • Incorporate skills obtained in Level 1 (or equivalent); build on skills to enhance basic word documents and spreadsheets; expand on skills learned to effectively organize and manage email.
  • Work with templates to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Use styles, page/section breaks, tabs, and object/graphics to enhance document appearance.
  • Control, arrange and manipulate data with sort and filter; create custom lists or calculate data using functions; improve readability of data by creating visual effects using charts and tables.
  • Design presentations using text outlines to organize text; apply themes and transition for stunning appearance to capture audiences; set animation and understand slide masters, notes, and handouts.
  • Search emails and create rules to organize and increase proficiency; create rules, quick steps, and signatures; schedule recurring appointments and create tasks or notes for personal tracking.
  • Complete Skills Confirmation to reinforce the skills learned to meet objectives.

Day 1Word Level 2 - Part 1
Day 2Word Level 2 – Part 2
Day 3PowerPoint Level 1 – Part 1
Day 4Excel Level 2 – Part 1
Day 5Excel Level 2 – Part 2