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The Difference Between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset

Have you ever caught yourself saying these phrases or something similar?  “I’m bad with names” “I can’t do math”  “I can’t do that, it’s too hard”  You might be stuck in a fixed mindset. Is this bad? Not necessarily, most people struggle with a fixed mindset from time to time. But this mindset might make […]

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Managing The New Reality of Work

Work is no longer a place, but now place-unconstrained. As everyone across the globe is watching the implementation and lifting of COVID restrictions, it is clear that there is a yearning to “Get back to normal”. The question that resonates in my head is “What is the new reality of our workplaces”? For almost a […]


Our Approach To Website Design

Ever wonder what process goes into designing a website? Everybody has their own method, keep reading to see a glimpse into how we do it at Vancouver Island Works Project. Starting Off When it comes to building a new website, we always start at the same place: We start with a client who has come […]

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COVID Take BAS Where No One Has Gone Before?