About The Vancouver Island Works Project

The Project

After spending years in the technology and training industries we found that we really enjoyed working with members of the community. We enjoyed not only providing training, but being there as a business resource.  People were coming to us for marketing, website creation, sales training, and tools to help them either start a small business, or improve an existing one.

As a team, we started taking on a lot of these projects. We decided that instead of working in one type of industry vertical, we would expand our offerings to be able to work closer with all members of the Community.  With that the Vancouver Island Works Project took flight.

The Project is a unique business model that leverages the strengths of our members to provide consulting and services to both small and large businesses.

Our vocational rehabilitation training programs are a unique blend of training and confidence building. Anyone changing careers due to an injury or layoff, has had their world shaken. It is nice for them to work with people who are committed to their success. We believe in providing the best possible skills to our clients so they can succeed in their new careers. We also strive to contribute back to local businesses through a stable income that let’s them purchase local goods and services.

At the Project we believe in our community and supporting entrepreneurs. That is why we offer a truly unique blend of web and marketing services all geared toward empowering small business growth.

We also have chosen to work with partners who are as community minded as we are, and as committed to giving back to our economy and Island way of life.

Welcome to the Project. We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Our Team

Peluche the dog


Community Correspondent
Peluche lives across the street from the Project, and his humans are busy working people.  Leaoni volunteered us to take him out at lunch and give him a little exercise. Well Peluche fits right in with all of us at the Project and we’ve hired him as our Community Correspondent. His duties are to walk around the neighbourhood and explore not only local businesses, but also keep us connected with the community. You can follow Peluche on Facebook @peluchesadventures

The Project - Leaoni Webb

Leaoni Webb

Executive Director/Education Consultant
Leaoni has her Masters in Microsoft Certified Training (MCT) and holds a Provincial Instructor Diploma (PIDP) certification. She has developed educational training curriculum at both the private and Provincial level since 2005, and is always committed to providing an exceptional level of customer experience.

Leaoni was a Senior Education Administrator (SEA) for over 10 years and has in-depth experience providing vocational rehabilitation training for: SISIP, WorkSafeBC, WorkBC, WCB Alberta, WorkLink, ICBC, and CPP Disability clients. She is a respected authority in her field and often called upon to consult directly on vocational rehabilitation plans for WorkSafeBC due to not only her training knowledge, but also her community awareness as to what companies are looking for in skilled workers.

When Leaoni is not busy expanding her skills by learning Web Development and SEO, you can find her trying to keep Manny organized.

The Project - Manny Mandrusiak

Ernest “Manny” Mandrusiak, CD

Business Developer, Educator, Columnist, and Lead Generation and Sales Professional
Accomplished sales and marketing professional, combining a track record of success in driving sales and revenue growth, with expertise in the design and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies. Has demonstrated expertise in orchestrating large scale media and special events, to elevate the presence and image of diverse organizations.

An exceptional communicator and dynamic leader with superior operations experience and relationship building skills developed through a 17-year career with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Intuitive marketer, expert at leveraging digital marketing, social media, lead generation, WordPress, advertising, internet marketing and search engine optimization skills to promote a variety of products and services while still keeping things organic.

Candace Galloway

Candace Galloway

Community Guest Blogger
We are excited to be able to introduce Candace Galloway as one of our new guest bloggers there at the Project! Candace is a long time friend of the Project and radiates an infectious wave of happiness.

She is a single mom of two beautiful children and was working three jobs to make ends meet. Her passion for living in Victoria and connecting with people matches our own. When she took an interest in what we did as a business we decided to hire her and set her on the path of becoming a Content / Digital Marketer with the Project.

We hope that you will all enjoy following Candace on her journey as she explores what it is like to work in the technology sector here in Victoria.

Welcome to the Project Candace!

Lucy Venedam

Lisa Hoffman, blogger

Lisa Hoffman

Intuitive Life Coach Consultant / Founding Mentor- Universal Intelligence group / Foster Parent / Student in the Restoration of Natural Systems Program at Uvic.

Lisa is a forward thinking, people loving, personal growth cheerleader who loves to inspire and encourage others. An Intuitive Consultant, Lisa built her business from the ground up and has helped thousands of people shift into a new awareness of themselves, and the world surrounding them. A life long learner, Lisa is constantly researching new ways of expanding her own awareness to better understand the fascinating and complex world in which we live.

Lisa has a diverse range of interests that include everything from parenting special needs children to science and spirituality. Lisa loves to share information and ideas, and is perennially excited by the incredible projects that emerge when people extend kindness to other people. In her free time, you can find Lisa laughing at her own hilarious jokes, blasting rock music, or quietly reflecting on and appreciating the stunning beauty of this magnificent island.

The Project - Delani Thiel

Delani Thiel

Community Manager/Project Manager
A recent transplant from Calgary, Alberta Delani is enjoying life on the West Coast while studying Microbiology at the University of Victoria. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, Delani joined the VIWProject team as its Community Manager. Someone has to keep an eye on the details of contracts, bids, and that is where Delani shines.

Delani is also responsible for administration, and monitoring community feeds and news for people who can benefit from the services that the Project offers.

When she is not dreaming about snowboarding, you can either find her at the gym, or enjoying the benefits of living on this beautiful island.


It may be invisible to many, but the organizational infrastructure is the visible face to prospective members.


Even if you don’t already have a business plan, it’s good to start with that great idea.


The Vancouver Island Works Project focuses on Information and Communication Technology sectors where STEM knowledge is foundational.


Growing any business requires awareness, driven by effective marketing.

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