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We provide a one-stop-shop for small business needs.  Everything from business development to marketing can be found with us and our partners. Why waste time shopping for services when you can get everything that you need with just one call. Let us provide you with the superior level of customer service that you deserve.

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In today’s market driving traffic to businesses and retaining customers is paramount. Let the experts at the Vancouver Island Works Project provide your business with the options that you need to consider for success. Together with our partners, the VIWProject can provide full marketing, digital marketing, and business development solutions.

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Technical Skills

Everyone needs some help with administration and web skills from time-to-time, but not everyone has the time to take a full-time training class.  We can provide customized training solutions for all levels of business including deskside support. The training that you need, the way that you want it, when you need it.

Blog Posts

Selling in the Information Overload Age

As a society we are at war.  It is a war with the amount of information that we get inundated with everyday.  According to Google: How many ads does the average person see in a day? To see 5,000 ads/branding messages per day, we would have to see one every...

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The Art of Managing Millennials

"The need to listen to them" - Millennials want to feel that they are constantly contributing, so as managers, we need to adopt a “no idea is a bad idea” attitude.  Effective communication is always an essential management skill, but it is critical in...

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